Pratic All Weather Awnings For Restaurants

  • Pratic Tecnic Reverse Outdoor Kitchen Area
    Pratic Tecnic Reverse Outdoor Kitchen Area

With the increased pressure on removing smokers from public places it is more difficult for restaurants and pubs to capitalize on this element of their trade and, at the same time, meet the new social obligations.

Al fresco eating is now a well-established factor in the restaurant trade but it is restricted to fine days which can be rather limited in the UK.

A number of awning options have always been available and Deans are probably the leading installer of such restaurant and pub awning systems who also provide an installation service throughout the UK.

However, it has not previously been possible to make an awning provide all-weather cover and it has always been necessary to retract them in inclement conditions. The Deans Tecnic style all weather awning has been specifically designed to meet this need and will provide protection in all but the worst of weather conditions, it even incorporates its own integral drainage system.

Developed in Italy, the Pergotenda and Pratic Restaurant and Pub awning combines the aesthetics of an elegant glulam timber structure with a unique retractable roof canvas which is entirely waterproof.

Withstanding wind speeds of up to 78 Km Per Hr, in its extended form, diners, who also like to smoke, can do so outdoors – indoors!

Deans installers have been trained in Italy and are the sole UK experts in this unique new system.

See The Video Below For The Pratic Tecnic Level

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